About the Southern Girl

I am a writer first, a scientist second.  I live in Austin, Texas, and I am a proud (sometimes to my detriment) a fifth-generation Texan.  I’ve had a lot of schooling, but I learned as much, if not more, from the friends I have made and living life.  Of places I’d like to visit in the near future, at the top of my list is Peru…specifically, Machu Picchu.  Of things I’d like to accomplish in the near future, at the top of that list is:  Make A Difference.  Second in that list is:  Get Published.

As of June 15, 2012, I created new blog called Cowgirl Sense and Sensibility.  This is where I am trying to keep myself honest as a writer.  Check it out, too!


2 thoughts on “About the Southern Girl

  1. I think you need a picture of said southern girl or at least a caricature!

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